Acquiring A Company

If you have looked at the statistics you know that 84% of the people who attempt a startup literally fail in that process. A profitable company is an accomplishment!

The owner typically has years of "Sweat Equity" as well as a major portion of his or her net worth invested. The owner has legitimate concerns about the selling process. How can he/she sell a thriving, profitable company to someone who could come in, drive the business down, lose the customers, disrupt employees and hand back a business in sad shape?

As a prospective "new owner" you have legitimate concerns. A few of the questions you may ask as you start the buying process include:

  • The business is for sale. What's wrong with it?
  • Will customers and employees stay?
  • How do I fit into this picture? What is the upside potential?
  • Where do the numbers (financial historical track record) on the company come from?
  • What working capital cushion will I need?
  • How key is the current owner? How committed is the owner to a successful transition?
  • What is the availability of alternate suppliers?
  • Am I tied to this location? How's the landlord? How's the lease?

And the list goes on.

Acquiring a company is a "Good Deal" for you only if the company grows and generates profits.

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