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Selling a business in the real world is difficult and risky. Your need for confidentiality.... limited comparables.... opportunistic competitors.... time pressure.... unmotivated lookers.... unqualified buyers.... all impact the "efficiency" of your selling market.

In spite of the problems there really are qualified, capable buyers just as anxious to own as you were when you started.

Be careful not to let exiting ownership harm the value of your business.
  • Keep your focus on your company to maximize your profits as an operating owner.
  • Put a professional intermediary, an M&A Broker to work to maximize your profits as you transition ownership in your company and move on to the next phase in your life.

If you sell without the professional representation of an M&A Broker you may...

  • Come to market improperly packaged...
  • Fail to reach your best prospects...
  • Lose your focus on sales and profitability...
  • Thus reducing what you receive for your company!

Buyers question value. A comprehensive profile including quality financials and information on your industry, product, market share, personnel and competition is critical in presenting a credible marketing position for full value.

Target marketing to strategic as well as financial buyers broadens the base of buyers for your company. A synergistic fit between the buyer's resources, experience and skills and an existing operation maximizes value for all parties in the transaction.

When you consider selling, your concerns may include: confidentiality, generating maximum value, retention of key employees, and continued servicing of customers.

Purcell Associates LLC broadens your buyer pool targeting industry buyers and financial buyers. Finding the buyer whose plans and resources are the best fit with the existing operation maximize value.

Targeting industry and financial acquirers (signed Non-Disclosures required) while screening unqualified prospects allows Purcell Associates to maximize your potential "pool of buyers" without compromising your need for confidentiality.

The average selling time of a business was 10 to 11 months before our recent recession. That time frame has stretched out over the last few years. Factors that directly impact the time frame to culminate a successful transaction are price and terms. Larger companies may take 18 months or more to go to a closing table. Nothing is average.

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