Valuing Your Company

What is the value of your company today?

In order to better negotiate a price from a position of strength, Purcell Associates LLC recommends a third party evaluation. A Business Evaluation Systems (BES) appraisal of your company establishes a credible market value.

Business Evaluation Systems (BES) has been evaluating companies since 1975. BES has an extensive database of actual business transfers.

The key to a meaningful valuation of an entrepreneurial business is real world market comparables, in-depth information, and solid financials.

Performing the evaluation at an affordable price requires an effective streamlined process.

The BES Evaluation takes substantive information about the company and uses eleven different evaluation methods giving the high and low value derived from each method. BES then selects the two or three most appropriate methods for that particular industry to arrive at a recommended price with a justification of purchase.

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